Saturday, 28 March 2015

Unrestrained by Grant Harbison

I watch the swift unreeling

Of the binds of consternation                                                                             

That have constrained me for so long

In cynicism and doubt

Confined me in shadowy clouds

Where exultation could not be found

And embodied me in torment

Without any clout

I rejoice at my new emancipation

And bask in its buoyancy

With a mood of expectancy

And a divergent perspective

I shall cast out uncertainties

When they come back to invade

Confront tribulations

And rise above pain

I will learn to accept that I can be adored

And to those who adore

I will love even more

I shall learn to have faith

And be unreserved

Be open to gifts

If I truly deserve

I shall squander self-doubt

If it comes back to taunt me

And trust in my God

And the Angels around me.

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