Sunday, 22 March 2015

Every dog has its day by Grant Harbison

Don’t go
Stay at home today
It’s a glorious day and I’d really love to play
So please stay
Forget about the daily race
Let’s play my favourite game
The one you call chase
Just stay
Stay with me
We’ll have a great time
I promise
You’ll see
Just for today
The sun is shining
Don’t leave me pining
What do you say?
I could run and run
It’ll be so much fun
Don’t go
I don’t like it when you go away
It can be so boring
Patiently waiting while the others are snoring
Listening closely for the sound of the gate
Wishing you home but it’s always too late
And even though I bark and bark
You never want play chase in the dark
So be with me
I’ll listen to your call
Is that a yes?
Can I go and fetch my ball?  

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