Friday, 20 March 2015

Adversity by Grant Harbison

Here kitty kitty
Come here my baby and get a little bitty
One spoonful for you and one spoonful for me
Without your precious love I don’t know where I would be
Half a tin should suffice
Do you like that my angel?
Is that nice?
I’m afraid that it doesn’t taste nice to me
But just to hear you purr fills me with glee
You’ve been such a good companion since I lost my Stan
I miss him a lot
He was a really good man
I miss his laughter
I miss his touch
It’s been hard since he died
He never left much
But let us not worry
Let us not despair
For you and I are a wonderful pair
And tomorrow when the measly pension comes
I’ll put some aside for something nice for our tums

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