Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A kiss landed and died by Grant Harbison

We met at the coffee shop                                                                       

On a wet and wintry night

My heart was full of confidence

Everything just seemed right

You’d called my mobile earlier

To say that you had something on your mind                      

And asked me if I could meet you there

If I would be so kind

I’d said that I wouldn't be long

And that I was on my way

I had something for you

And there was something that I wanted to say

I got there at eight

Nervous and afraid

You arrived a half an hour later

And apologised for being late

I ordered myself an espresso and a cappuccino for you

While we stared at one another

The anxiety in me grew

Eventually I could take no more

And got down on my knees

I offered you the ring

And said, “Marry me, please.”

You looked at me in horror

And slowly shook your head

I got back up and sat back down

With a look of utter dread

You said that you’d only come to say goodbye

Leaving me mortified

Before you left you kissed my cheek

A kiss that landed and died

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