Tuesday, 24 March 2015

No quality thyme by Grant Harbison

“I’m running out of rhymes!” he cried.
“And I've run out of thyme,” she replied.
“But Rosemary, this could change our lives!”
“Yes Basil, we also need chives.”
“I must have a block; it’s probably just a stage.”
“Fennel, lavender and some sage.”
“I’m so frustrated, I’m losing the will!”
“Parsley, oregano and perhaps some dill.”
“Are you hearing me at all, or are you just being crass?”
“Go, get moving; get off your ass, and while you’re at the store look for lemon grass.”
“You are so inconsiderate and not very nice.”
“That just reminds me, we also need spice.”
“This is just a blip. It’s not my fault!”
“Paprika, pepper and we probably need salt.”
“Rosemary, you haven’t heard a word I've said!”
“And now you know how it feels to be dead.”

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