Sunday, 8 March 2015

The libertine by Grant Harbison

“I’m mad, I’m bad, and I’m the Marquis de Sade.”
“Oui, monsieur aristocrat. Sick and twisted, batty as a bat.”
“But can’t you see it, peasant? ‘
“I see a mad fool, no one pleasant.”
“But this is the way, this is the solution.”
“If I were you, I would seek absolution.”
“The church? Feckless idiots who only besmirch.”
“Dreams of torture, dreams of pain; alone in a cell, you have nothing to gain.”
“But I am the Libertine!”
“Really quite pathetic and utterly obscene.’
“When I get out, I’ll have your head!”
“Hush, silly man and go to bed. Relax a little and suck your thumb. Your tales are so boring, so humdrum.”  

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