Monday, 23 March 2015

Frumpy Freddy by Grant Harbison

Frumpy Freddy fell in love
With pudgy Polly who lived up above
But Freddy fell in love every day
Yesterday it was mawkish May
And the day before that was pimply Pat
But alas no one finds Freddy fab
He’s far too gawky and way too drab
Although he’s never been pedantic
There’s never been hope for this hopeless romantic
Just last week slovenly Sally slapped his cheek
And then stomped on his toe and called him a geek
Belligerent Belinda went berserk
Hit him with her shoe and called him a jerk
He even tried with bandy Mandy
By sending her flowers and a box of candy
One day he got down on his knees
And scared the hell out of lofty Louise
He told her that he couldn't resist her
And the following day he did the same with her sister
Freddy has tried with every girl at school
But he’s continually snubbed and branded a fool
Life is hard and lonely for Freddy
As all of his friends are now going steady
Maybe one day he will find his sugar
But for now it’s not happening for young Frederick Kruger 

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