Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Robin in the hood by Grant Harbison

Robin been robbin’ in the hood

I knew that Limey mo’fu’ was up to no good

Struttin’ aroun’ nights

With that feathered hat and olive green tights

He ain’t the only one who been dissin’ the brothers

There are others

Like the preacher man, the one they call Tuck

He don’t give a fuck about stealin’ a buck  

And the one they call Little John

He ain’t small

Man, that dude be one mass of brawn

Ain’t nobody said to him, “Mo’fu’ bring it on.”

Then there’s Robin’s bitch

She be called The Maid

Word in the hood is she be the brains behind every raid

We gonna have to find a way to deal with Robin and The Merry Men

But right now we got too many boys locked up in the pen

Man, them boys been stuck so long in the penitentiary

It feels like they been away for a century

What we gonna do, I don’t know

But we gonna have to fix that pro with the bow 

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