Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Death's door by Grant Harbison

It’s not like I wished for it to end
I’d just grown weary of having to pretend
The strain was beginning to show
Spirit diminished to an all time low
Not a matter of choice
Coerced to relinquish to that inner voice
My problems were just getting bigger
I contemplated that with my finger on the trigger
It was then that I was rudely interrupted by a knock on the door
It caused me to sigh but I opted to ignore
Relentless banging followed making an awful din
Whoever it was knew I was in
It seemed to me that the intrusion was deliberate
Damn irritating and totally inconsiderate
Finally I hadn't been able to take anymore
So I went to see who was rapping on my door
Who was postponing my last worldly breath?
I opened the door and there stood Death     

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