Thursday, 12 March 2015

Discarded by Grant Harbison

I spin myself about

Arms outstretched

Twisting round and round

Frolicking folly

Laughing in the rain

I do my best to amuse you

To make you look my way

Hearing heckles and shouts

I spin again and again

Then fall to the ground

Feverishly inane

Crawling into my shelter

I grab my worn duvet

Wrap it around my shoulders

And stare in utter dismay

As you leave the hustle and bustle

Eager to get away

Before darkness sets in

And fiends come out to play

Feeling disappointed

I reach inside my pouch

And pull a carton out

Some discarded junk food

I found lying on the ground

I reach for a half empty bottle

And press it to my lips

I take a large swallow

And relish the momentary bliss

Before the advent of dark

The loneliness of night

Consumes me with terror

Until the dawn of light

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