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New Release: Belonging by Grant Harbison. Harbison’s voice is ferocious, savage, and utterly believable. Something incredible has begun... Enter the giveaway.

Title: The Feud Book 1
AUTHOR: Grant Harbison
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: WDA Publishing
Cover Design: Manuela Cardiga


Religious intolerance and a struggle for dominion leads to a feud between two rival gangs in Glasgow’s brutal inner city.
The escalating spiral of senseless violence ends in a young man's murder, and the lives of rival gang members, Jimmy Henderson and Liam Malloy change dramatically.
Moving from Scotland to South Africa with their respective families, both young men find it difficult to adjust to life in their new country, and soon they are both once again fatally drawn into the deadly gang-culture...
In a chance encounter, Jimmy and Liam meet; but Liam's friendly curiosity turns to hatred when he discovers that Jimmy belonged to the Glasgow gang responsible for his brother’s death. Plans for revenge result in bitter frustration for Liam,  and when he eventually gets the opportunity to get even with Jimmy, vengeance breeds tragedy...
Book 1 of Grant Harbison’s BELONGING TRILOGY takes two Scots boys from the savage backstreets of Glasgow to sub-tropical Africa where they must learn to face the greatest of enemies: themselves.
BELONGING (the feud) portrays the savage heritage of gang mentality and it’s inevitable bloody outcome. Harbison’s voice is ferocious, savage, and utterly believable. Something incredible has begun...


Scots-born Grant Harbison lived the drama of Glasgow gang-wars as a young man. He clashed with the establishment, and social conventions all his life. From warring on the streets to warring in South Africa's frontier war, Grant Harbison has directed his passion into his writing. He is now a thoroughly tamed cat-lover who lives with his lovely wife in South Africa, far from the icy cold of his beloved Scotland. He may have dropped the kilt, but he never dropped his Glaswegian accent. Or his love for his native city.


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March 15 – March 21, 2015

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