Sunday, 22 March 2015

Paedo files by Grant Harbison

“Scream again!” I cried as I stuck a pin in his eye.
And scream he did
Tears from his eyes
Begging for mercy
Seeking kindness
I want him to suffer
I want blindness
Am I playing a sick game?
Do you think that I should hold my head in shame?
I’m not insane
I just want this paedophile to feel real pain
He’s on the floor now
Meek and mild
Sucking his thumb like a little child
I spit on him
And I curse
And when the other inmates get here
It’s going to get worse
They are hardy
They are riled
They are disgusted that he did that to a child
Yeah, you may say we should learn to forgive
But I don’t see why this scum deserves to live
He didn’t have to do it
There is self-control
His poor arsehole

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