Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Lepre-con by Grant Harbison

“Oh, charm me foul goblin!” cried the sprightly sprite. “There is no need to harm me on this fair night.”
“I’m afraid me little fairy that me thoughts are contrary.”
“Dear leprechaun’s spawn from the land of the four leaf clover. If you let me past, you’ll surely win me over.”
“Me lovely young sprite that just wouldn’t be right. I’ve got a reputation to uphold and I require three pieces of gold.”
“If truth be told, I possess no gold. But if it’s gold you require, I can succour, Sire.”
“Little lies to prevent your demise. Are you trying to save yourself, little elf?”
“I swear on my soul, vicious troll. If I be a liar, may I be torn limb from limb and tossed in a quagmire.”
“You have me intrigued. Where be the treasure to satisfy me need?”
“Look high to the sky and see the kaleidoscopic bow. To the end of that you must go.”
“That is quite a distance, but I’d prefer me reward in an instance. No gold means death. Prepare me pretty one to draw your last breath.”
“Sire, at the end of the bow there is gold in pots. Not just a few, but lots and lots. As long as there’s a bow, they continue to grow.”
“Let’s say I might, little sprite. To which end of the bow do I go?”
“It matters not. Whichever end you choose, either end you cannot lose.”
“I’m curious, little elf. If I’d known of such wealth, I’d have kept it to meself.”
“I’m just a simple sprite with no need for greed. Safe passage is all I need.”
“Permission is granted to use the path, but next time be warned, beware of my wrath.”  

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