Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Because I used to be a Punk Rocker with peroxide in my hair by Grant Harbison

The hours are passing slowly and I’m watching the clock
I can’t wait to get home
I just wanna rock
The radio in the office is driving me insane
I need Joy Division, Bauhaus or The Jesus and Mary Chain
Give me music that’s real and pure
Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths or The Cure
No bubble-gum pop, hip hop or dance
I want Cocteau Twins, The Cult or Dead Can Dance
Sisters of Mercy, Spear of Destiny or The Teardrop Explodes
I’d even settle for The Mission or Depeche Mode
So much to choose from
So many names
The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, New Order and James.
No irritating Rap or boring Jazz Funk
I love Goth and I love Punk
Fields of the Nephilim, The Stranglers and The Clash
In your face
Loud and brash
Songs that connect
Music that binds
The Psychedelic Furs and Simple Minds
Music appreciated in very large doses
Happy Mondays, The Charlatans and The Stones Roses
Songs that excite
Music that socks
John Foxx, Visage and Ultravox
Music that makes total sense to me
Rammstein, Clan of Xymox and Big Country
Music so unique
Music that’s barmy
Tubeway and New Model
The two brilliant armies   
I’ve just got to get out of here
For the radio is so bad
Just to get a bit of Glasvegas or The Twilight Sad
Pour a stiff drink
And in case anyone moans
Play the music loud on my headphones

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