Thursday, 26 March 2015

Magic moments by Grant Harbison

Sitting on the rim of my plate
Eyeballing me while I ate
Was an orange newt in a burgundy suit
Chattering and seemingly irate
Jabbering in a tongue that I couldn't comprehend
He was obviously disturbed
And completely round the bend
So I kept my poise
Ignored his noise
And merrily proceeded to eat
Causing him to scream like a beleaguered banshee
And instantly he stamped his feet
He then whizzed round and round the bowl
At a quite incredible speed
Continually ranting and raving
Trying his best to make me take heed
But I refused to utter a word
I refused to appease or concede
This demented creature was never going to win
He wasn't going to impede
So I ate what was left of my wonderful meal
And enjoyed the way it made me feel
With its mouth-watering flavour that seemed so surreal
But just as I started to rise from my chair
Another appeared completely bare
With two pairs of eyes and a sinister stare
Another emerged when I got to the sink
Sporting polka dot pyjamas
Yellow and pink
More began to surface
Until there was a very large group
And then transformed into mushrooms
Just like the ones in my soup 

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