Sunday, 29 March 2015

Prost by Grant Harbison

“Prost!” screamed the Russian at the Prussian.
The Prussian sighed and replied, “Do you think I would offer salutation to one of your nation?”
“War has been won, my friend; and others begin when another ends.”
Although deeply riled, the Prussian simply smiled. “You think you have the upper hand? Revolution sweeps through your land.”
“Revolution was the only solution. Everyone is par now that there’s no Czar.”
“You are a fool to think the people can rule .Truly naive if you honestly believe.”
“You seem none the wiser, my little Kaiser. My land expands while yours disbands.”
“All I see are mishaps and Bolshevik collapse.”
“Our power will grow and I’ll have you know that our new found regime will soon rule supreme.”
“The next war will be dire. The new messiah shall lead us with fire.”
“The Bear you can never tame. Who is this man? Does he have a name?”
“You will find out in due course. He will gather such a force. And when the war for you is lost, then I will shout, Prost!”

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