Saturday, 31 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 36) by Grant Harbison

“My little one, don’t let yer anger accrue,” said Gypsy Jess to Ilirium. “I promise ye that justice will ensue.”
“I cannot blame Blaine. The consumption of strong brew affects his brain. I do require punishment for the other two. What are you planning to do?”
“Leave that to me, little one. With a host of spells I’ll have my fun. For you I’ll make them suffer for what they have done.”
“I expect they’ll be on the run to escape accusation from an inquisitive nun. Sister Chrusty is very trusty in cases like these. Culprits she can expose with comparative ease.”
“Bring me my ball so that I can see where these scoundrels chose to flee.”
Ilirium gave her the ball and she placed one hand. “They are still on the island, but not in the land.”
“Gypsy Jess, I’m not sure that I understand.”
“To the land of the Scot is what. A blood relation one of them has got. I don’t know which one it be. The vision is cloudy and I cannot see.”
“It must be Borium. He has a Scottish cousin by the name of Deplorium.”
“A sinewy man with a ginger beard has just appeared. He is one to be wary of, but not necessarily feared. I see bodies bein’ dug from graves and he is the one who misbehaves.”
“What would anyone want with the dead? Surely the man must be mad in the head?”
“He doesn’t dig them up for his own pleasure. All he wants to do is steal the treasure.”
“That is so debauched. I’m glad it’s you rather than me that watched.”
Jess took her hand from the ball. “I’m afraid for now that is all. Tomorrow I will try again to see if I can see the other men.”
“And then?”
“And then soon will cast my spell. It’ll be the start of their living hell.” 

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