Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 31) by Grant Harbison

“Jess, my demise?” queried Ilirium. “Are you sure that is what you saw with your eyes?”
“Yes, little one. The crystal ball never lies.”
“Hell and damnation!” cried Ilirium with frustration. “Could there be another explanation?”
“There be only one other who can enter the bubble, and that would be the perfect double.”
“There is another. He’s called Barium, my twin brother!”
“Then I be certain that yer brother is gone. The image be identical, but different spawn.”
“Did he suffer pain? Please have a look at the ball once again.”
Gypsy Jess placed her hands on the ball. “Oh higher powers, hear my call. Did foul play Barium befall?”
“Do you see anything, Jess? Anything at all?”
“Monk, shoosh ! Nothin’ will come through if ye push.”
“Please accept my humble apologies. I’m not familiar with your ideologies.”
‘I see a man gone insane…sounds like his name is Baine… He is plagued by visions of a man that’s been slain. But he be not totally to blame. The other two carry the real shame.”
“This is insane!” cried Ilirium. “Could that name be Blaine?”
Gypsy Jess removed her hands from the ball
“Jess, is there anything more? Anything at all?”
“There be monks behind this cruel act. The two of them have made a pact. Never to speak of the atrocity. Oh, what duplicity. Dark souls without shame, leavin’ the tortured one to take the blame.”
“Is Barium the one who is dead?”
“Yes, but a similar name came to my head.”
“And what name might that be?”
“Borium, the powers said to me.”          

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