Thursday, 22 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 32) by Grant Harbison

She was a sour face nun and smelled rather musty
But all were in awe of Sister Agatha Chrustie
A suspicious death or anything shady
Could be quickly solved by this remarkable lady
Agatha gave the body a quick once over
Standing next to her was Brother Grover
“Sister Agatha, am I right in saying that this is not Ilirium we put in the ground?”
“Yes. According to the few things I’ve found, I would say that conclusion is sound.”
“May I ask how you came upon that belief?”
“Good grief, didn’t you notice that this man has few teeth?”
Grover gave his forehead a few slaps. “Perhaps I should have noticed the gaps.”
“The most obvious clue is the size of the feet. Ilirium’s feet are more petite.”
“At that time I never expected deceit. Is your examination complete?”
“Yes, you make inform his next of kin.”
 “Do you think that his twin could have committed this sin?”
“Either him or others within.”
“This is becoming very weird. Two more monks have since disappeared.”
“Rather convenient. Borium and Truman have always been deviant. But let’s not jump to any conclusion. Steadfast persistence will provide a solution.”
“Sister, I’ll help in any way I can. Anything I can do to find this man.”
“Rule number one is never assume. If we didn’t do that there would be no need to exhume. This could have been a man or this could have been a woman. It could have been Borium and it could have been Truman. Always suspect any living human. What really puzzles me is how the cuts are arranged. The pattern suggests someone deranged.”
“There have been problems from a monk from the Emerald Isle. But something like this is not his style.”
“Ah, Brother Blaine. Let me see what I can ascertain.” 

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