Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 28) by Grant Harbison

“Brother Borium, we have been summoned to the scriptorium,” said Brother Truman. “Brother Grover wants us to go over.”
Borium let out a sigh. “Did he say why?”
“No, but it can’t be good. I’ve never seen him in such a foul mood.”
“Over something trivial, I’ll bet. Brother, now is not the time to fret.”
“But Borium, my anxiety grows.”
“And it shows. Truman, apart from you and I, nobody knows.” 
“I suppose.”
“Grover so loves being in command. Most likely he heard that we broke curfew and he wants to reprimand.”
“Yes, Brother Borium, you are probably right. Sorry, I’m just feeling a little uptight.”
“Look, if it’s something else and something doesn’t feel right; even if it’s slight, we shall pack our things and leave tonight.”
“I’m still not keen on going away, but best we go and hear what he has to say.”
“Good morning, Brother Grover,” greeted Borium as he and Truman entered the scriptorium.”
Grover didn’t hesitate to berate. “You are late. Tardiness is something I don’t tolerate.”
“We’re sorry you had to wait,“  said Borium. “ Your forgiveness we would appreciate.”   
“Well now that you are here, there’s something I want you to hear, and perhaps you could fill me in. Did either of you know that Brother Ilirium has a twin?”
Truman stared at Borium and felt his heart sinking
Borium kept his composure and replied, “No, I didn’t have an inkling.”
“A woman came to me in utter despair and claimed that he’s just vanished into thin air. Barium is his name. According to her they are identically the same. Apart from a single mark. It’s on his right leg and rather stark.”
Borium felt his heart begin to pound. “Brother Grover, do you wish to have him found?”
“No, I want to see who we’ve put in the ground.” 

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