Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 34) by Grant Harbison

The monastery was located on top of a hill
A gloomy Gothic structure bereft of frill
Borium and Truman had to grin and bear
As the trek to the top was a laborious affair
“Who goes there?” they heard a voice yell as they reached the last stair. “Tell me who ye are or ye better say a prayer.”
“Deplorium?” asked Borium.
“Aye,” came the reply.
“Deplorium, it’s Borium.”
From the shadows
Deplorium appeared
A wiry little man with a long ginger beard
With a smile on his face he stuck out his hand. “What brings you tae oor bonnie land?”
“To tell you the truth, it wasn’t planned.”
“Nae need tae explain, cousin. Ah understand.”
“At least with you I don’t have to pretend. Deplorium, I’d like you to meet Truman. Brother and friend.”
Deplorium greeted Truman with a firm handshake
Causing Truman to grimace from the unpleasant ache
“Ah’m sure we’ll get on just fine,” said Deplorium. “Any friend o’ Borium is a friend o’ mine. Would ye both like some ale before we dine?”
Borium and Truman nodded their heads
“After that ah’ll organise some beds.”
After many a pail of strong dark ale
And some bread and a boiled neep
Borium and Truman retired for some much needed sleep
But Deplorium was one who hardly slept
And out of the monastery he deftly crept

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