Monday, 12 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 27) by Grant Harbison

At the Goblet and Grail
The brothers Conn were knocking back the ale
Whilst Blaine sat pensively nursing his pail
“Are ye in pain, Blaine?” asked John. “Is there somethin’ that’s makin’ ye ail?”
“Aye, what’s goin’ on?” asked Lepre Conn. “What’s causin’ yer mood? The Blaine that I know would never brood.”
“I’m not bein’ rude and I’d tell ye what’s up if only I could,” replied Blaine. “There is somethin’ happenin’ to me that I can’t explain.” 
“There’s been many a time I’ve seen that stare,” said Ayre. “I would say that love is in the air.”
“You cagey cod!” exclaimed Mod. “Who is she, Blaine? Who is causin’ you such sweet pain?”
“I’ve met a lass called Mistress Paine, but she is not the one who is causin’ my strain. It’s these visions I’ve been havin’ again and again. The most horrible visions of a man that has been slain.”
Lepre gave him a look of concern. “Sometimes visions are hard to discern. Do ye know where the crime took place? Do ye see the killer or the victim’s face?”
“I’ll tell ye this, and I tell ye no lies. I am lookin’ through the killer’s eyes.”
All four brothers stared at him in surprise.
“I’m the one who is givin’ chase. I recognise the place, but never once do I see the victim’s face.”
“I know you sometimes have a problem with the brew,” said John. “But cold blooded murder you could never do.”
“Aye, that’s true,” Lepre agreed. “But is there more to suggest that it might be you?”
“The killin’ in the dream is never revealed. I see him once again when his fate has been sealed. Lyin’ face down in the mud, with his upper body drenched with blood.”
“It could be some persistent nightmare,” said Ayre. “But to be on the safe side, ye best be aware.”    
“Best not to mention this to another soul,” said Mod. “Or ye could find yersel’ charred at the execution pole.”
“It’s wonderful to know that I have friends I can trust,” said Blaine. “The mystery shall unravel. Surely it must.”

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