Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 25) by Grant Harbison

“So what do you think of Blaine’s friends?” Truman asked Borium. “The capacity for madness from the Celts transcends.”
“None that I would choose as a friend,” replied Borium. “Each and every one would drive me around the bend. Could you imagine having any one of them as a brother? Lord have mercy on their mother.”
“Out of the brothers, Conn, I don’t mind John. But if truth be told, I find Ayre Conn cold.”
“Yes, Brother Truman, I totally agree. The ice in those eyes really chilled me.”
“The brother Mod is rather odd, wouldn’t you say? Every time I mentioned the moon, he began to bay.”
“Lepre is the one who made me perturbed. He really looks like he’s really disturbed. I mean, someone so wan I have never seen; and that croaky voice and clothes so green?”
Truman began to chuckle. “And that silly hat and the band with a buckle.”
“Let’s get finished with our chores. What do you say to a yard of ale and some of Madam Maude’s whores?”
“I would say that sounds good. Tonight I’d say that I’m really in the mood.”
“We deserve a little celebration. We wormed our way out of a sticky situation.”
 “But Borium, what if Ilirium returns? There is nothing more painful than the stake’s gruesome burns.”
“Truman, don’t you worry. I’d make sure that we got out in a hurry. Danger, one cannot see, but nothing will happen soon, please trust me.”
“Oh, those flames with the crackling lick. The stench of the victims makes me sick.”
“Truman, the first sign of danger I will surely predict. And we shall go forth to the land of the Pict.”
Truman looked at Borium with shock. “No, not the land of the Jock.”
“Not very pleasant, but better than the dock. So you better make sure you have extra socks. Pairs for our feet and pairs for our…”
“Yes, Brother Borium, I gather what you are saying. I don’t wish it to come to that. That I am praying.”    

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