Friday, 9 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 26) by Grant Harbison

Ilirium and the group were rudely awoken
Shortly after dawn had broken
By the sound of bells and a multitude of yells
Grudgingly they raised their weary heads
And left the comfort of their makeshift beds
They shook with fear and were totally confounded
When they saw that they were completely surrounded
By a Saxon horde
Each one wielding a shield and sword
“I am Lord Dirgand and I demand to know what you are doing on my land!” yelled one on a horse to the eccentric band. “Speak, I command!”
“Begging your pardon, sire. We were unaware,” said Gypsy Jess. “I humbly ask your forgiveness and our lives to spare.”
“You expect to be let off so easily? Accept your apology and let you go free? I’ll only do that if there is something that you can offer me.”
“Of course, sire. Whatever it is you so desire.”
He stared at Shear de Lite and began to salivate. “The tall bosomy one would make the perfect mate. My wife recently passed without leaving me an heir. Release her to me and I shall be fair.”
“Sire, I think there is something you should know.”
“Do you dare refuse to let her go?”
“No, but I do feel she may not be your type.”
“Nonsense, she’s a gorgeous specimen and perfectly ripe.”
“Very well, sire. If she is the one you truly admire.”
“Gypsy, it’s for me to decide. And if I say she comes, then with me she will ride.”
Without realising that something wasn’t right
Lord Dirgand rode off with Shear de Lite
“Time to go, we’ll have to be quick,” said Gypsy Jess. “Before he discovers she also has a…”
“Yes,” Ilirium interjected. “Very soon it could be detected.”

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