Saturday, 31 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 35) by Grant Harbison

Like a voracious love parasite
Dirgand sought the pleasures of Shear de Lite
Every day and every night
He was gratified by the hermaphrodite
Sometimes she was a he
And sometimes he was a she
But whichever way they swung
Shear provided ecstasy
“Shear, I think we should wed,” said Dirgand as they lay on the conjugal bed.
“Sire, that would give me so much joy and I know your wish is for a baby boy, but I may not be able to provide your heir, as there is no guarantee that I can bear.”
“Barrenness caused so much strife for my departed wife. It was one of the reasons she took her own life.”
“There may have been another reason you didn’t succeed.”
“Are you suggesting I have ineffective seed?”
“All I am saying is that it possibly may be.”
“No, it can’t be me!”
“Pardon me, sire. I didn’t mean to evoke your ire. If it is so, there is no need to feel ashamed. That’s just life and you can’t be blamed.”
“What is a man if he cannot sire? Many may think that I lack the fire.”
“I’ve never known anyone with so much desire.”
“My need for an heir is rather dire. My name will be lost if it doesn’t transpire.”
“All we can do is leave it to fate and see if it allows us to procreate. “
“Then let us not wait. Come to me now and I’ll try to impregnate.”
“Sire, I’m yours for you to satiate.”


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