Sunday, 18 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 30) by Grant Harbison

Elise and Erik couldn’t help but smile
When the boat eventually arrived at the Angel Isle
Each had a reason of their own
And throughout the voyage that eagerness had grown
Derek let out an inaudible groan
When he thought about what he would soon condone
Hoping he will be able to cope
With Elise’s cries of pleasure as other men grope
Although it was her happiness that mattered the most
This was tolerance and consent at the utmost
“Derek, let Erik go and find his monk,” said Elise. “You and I need to find a place to bunk.”
They found accommodation a mile from the shore
At a modest inn called the Badger and Boar
Inside the inn there was a raucous din
A jolly racket from the patrons within
It took a matter of seconds for the noise to cease
When the patrons caught sight of Derek and Elise
“Oh my love, there are men galore,” whispered Elise to Derek. “Get me three, no make that four.”
“For goodness sake, Elise. We’ve just walked through the door.”  
“But this is an urge I can no longer ignore.”
“Well, it will just have to keep. Now let’s find the Keeper for a place to sleep.”
Erik’s hope turned to despair
When he learned at the monastery that Borium wasn’t there
Worst of all
No one knew where
Nor did anyone seem to care
To Erik it seemed that they had something to hide
And just as he was about to force one to confide
A very large monk took him aside
And said, “My name is Blaine. Perhaps I can explain.”


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