Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 24) by Grant Harbison

Meanwhile in the land of the Nord
Elise Dunn
The former nun
Was agitated and terribly bored 
Although it was still Derek she truly adored
And her rights as a woman were never ignored
It simply just wasn’t enough
Derek was failing to please Elise
And satisfaction she’s just had to bluff
“Oh, Derek, such a pity about Erik,” she said as they lay in bed. “If only I could remove the monk from his head. Get him to like women instead.”
“No matter what anyone does, no matter what anyone says, nothing will make Erik change his ways. I don’t know what’s suddenly got into you. I thought we were happy, just us two.”
“And that is true,” she lied. “You know how to keep me satisfied. But I want an experience like never before. Three in the bed, or maybe even four. Do that for me. My love, I implore.”
“Never would I have imagined you would have such a yen for men. I shall allow it once, but never again.”
“Thank you, my love; it will bring me much joy. And perhaps you may enjoy watching me and another boy.”
“But we must leave this land otherwise I’d look a fool. They’d see me as a Viking with a useless tool. A warrior who is much too placid. Rumour would have it that I am flaccid.”
“Yes, my dear; I truly understand. Let’s depart to the Anglo land. I’m sure upon the Angel Isle; there are plenty of men, young and virile. You’ve made me so happy I could verily scream. I’m so excited to fulfil this dream.”
“Maybe Erik should come too. I’ve never seen my brother so utterly blue. Maybe that’s where he belongs; back with the monk he so earnestly longs.”
“Little Borium, I truly despise. But I’d just like to see his look of surprise when Erik reclaims his former prize.” 

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