Thursday, 1 October 2015

Oh, brother (part 22) by Grant Harbison

What a palaver just for a cadaver
It wasn’t an easy task getting rid of Barium
And it was a huge undertaking trying to carry him
But eventually they triumphed and managed to bury him
And even Grover was convinced that the body was Ilirium
Blaine was confused as to who had died
“A visiting monk,” Borium had lied.
Because if Blaine knew the truth
He would be mortified
After the service they went to the wake
Where there were buckets of ale and plenty of cake
That’s where Borium and Truman made a pact
That never again would they talk about the act
As Idle chatter could be a big mistake
Something that could see them burnt at the stake
Blaine rushed off to go and see Paine
Who fervently whipped him again and again 
Listening to his passionate cries
Tears began to flow from her bright blue eyes
Never had she felt so much love before
She knew it had to be sore
As she saw how the whip ripped and tore
Yet still dear Blaine cried for more
After it was over they had a kiss and a cuddle
But on the way home his head was in a muddle
Something about the previous night
Something didn’t feel right
And it troubled him much as he walked the last mile
But soon his frown turned to a smile
When he recognised three friends from the Emerald Isle
Waiting for him at the monastery
Dear friends he so longed to see
The Brothers Conn
Lepre, Ayre, Mod and John 

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