Friday, 1 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 63) by Grant Harbison

“Shear, I knew ye’d get away from that man,” said Jess. “If anyone can master a plan, you certainly can.”
“Jess, you don’t understand,” responded Shear. “I didn’t run away. I’m in love with Lord Dirgand.”
“But he took ye away against yer will, and I’d been afeart that when he saw what ye are, he’d have be reason to kill.”
“Jess, do not fear. Let me tell you the reason why I’m here.”
“Go on, my dear. Let Beryl and I hear.”
“The voice spoke to me one night as I lay in bed, and its whispers filled my heart with dread. The monks that you seek may be merely pests, but they’ve sought sanctuary from an evil one, and they are his guests.”
“That much I comprehended. The spell I cast was so cleverly defended.”
“And you’re lucky that it didn’t rebound. Up there strange flora can be found. Plants that can make a powerful potion, but one would still have to have the perception to set evil in motion. So, any plans to pursue that you’ve made will unfortunately have to be delayed.”
“Until when?” Ilirium moaned. “The next full moon, or maybe after ten?”
“Little one, don’t be rude!” admonished Jess. “What Shear be saying be for our own good.”
“Ilirium, it doesn’t help to protest,” said Shear. “As at the moment we have no means to contest. There is no other choice but to wait for the voice. I’d advise patience until it can reach. So no irrational actions. I beseech.”
“I’m sorry, Shear.”
“That’s okay. I can understand your frustration and fear.”
“Ye must be exhausted after yer journey, Shear,” said Beryl. “Could ah get ye somethin’ tae eat an’ drink, dear?”
“Yes, thank you. That would be nice. Anything will suffice.”
“Best to keep evil at bay,” said Jess went Beryl went away.
“The voice did have something else to say,” said Shear. “About others on the way.”
“You mean that we are in danger from others too?” asked Ilirium. “Who?”
“No, no need to fuss. They are no threat to us.”
“Please explain.”
“A Viking who carried with him love’s sweet pain, but recently he has been brutally slain.  There’s a man with a bawd and a woman called Paine. They are in search of a monk called Blaine. Blaine has the same purpose as you. He’s also pursuing those wayward two.  His reason is to attain absolution and to try and prevent Paine’s execution, but little does he know that she’s managed to flee. This what the voice has conveyed to me.”
“So what you are saying is that Blaine is in search of Borium and Truman to try and save the dominatrix woman?”
“Yes, they were left to take the blame. Guilty or not, to the committee it’s all the same. But the investigating nun decided to play a little game.”   

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