Friday, 22 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 74) by Grant Harbison

“Oh, what a glorious day,” said Bess. “Ah’ll jist finish eatin’ this hay an’ we can be oan oor way.”
“A wee bit chilly, my wonderful filly,” said Blaine. “A strong wind blows and the sky is grey.”
“Don’t contradict what ah say! If ah say it’s a glorious day, it’s a glorious day!”
Blaine looked at her in dismay
Wondering why she would behave in such a way
“And another thing ah should mention noo that ah’ve got yer attention. Anythin’ ah tell ye tae dae or say, ye’ll obey.”
“Bess, if ye’re tryin’ to scare, it’s workin’, my lovely mare,” he said as she gave him a fixed stare.
 “Keep lookin’ at ma eyes,” she said and began to hypnotise. “Ye’re driftin’ intae slumber. Ye shall awaken when ah mention a number. That number is eight, an’ when ye hear it, ye’ll cooperate.”
Blaine eyes closed and he promptly dozed
For a couple of seconds he was made to wait
Blaine awoke in a hypnotic state
“Let’s have a wee test,” said Bess. “Aye, ah think that’ll be best. Blaine, ah want ye tae strip bare an’ howl like a hound wi’ yer hands in the air.”
Blaine did as he was told
Stoic and bold
With no sense of shame nor concern for the cold
Bess chortled with glee. “What else can ah get ye dae for me? Let’s see. Blaine, when ah say the number three, ah want ye tae buzz like a bee an’ then run an’ climb yonder tree. Do ye think ye can dae that successfully?”
Blaine nodded his head eagerly
Buzzing like a bee
Blaine ran as fast as he could towards the large oak tree
“Blaine, get back tae me!” she yelled when he’d climbed the tree. “Fae now on this is how it’s gonnae be!” 

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