Saturday, 16 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 71) by Grant Harbison

“Oh, that was a scream,” said Ilirium as he managed to suppress his laughter. “Poor Brother Blaine must have thought that he was having a bad dream.”
“Hilarious,” cackled Jess. “Beryl, I loved the way you been doing the voice of Bess.”
“A bit husky though,” responded Beryl. “But horsey nonetheless.”
“Somewhat cruel,” stated Shear. “But the monk is a very good tool. We’re very lucky that the man is a fool.”
“Shear, thank you, my dear,” said Jess. “That plant be good for casting a spell, and it be doing wonders for my ball as well.”
“So, what happens next, Shear?” asked Ilirium. “I can’t wait for the vision to reappear.”
“Having him believe that the horse speaks was a must. Now we have to make sure that he has total trust. Beryl, slowly start to take command. We have to make sure he adheres to the horse’s demand.”  
“That ah’ll dae,” said Beryl. “Jist let me know what ye want me tae say.”
“I’ll advise you when he’s once more on his way.”
“Shear, what will happen when he gets to his destination?” asked Ilirium. “It could turn out to be quite a tricky situation.”
“Of that I’m well aware and I’ll devise a plan when he arrives there.”
“Why not just make him kill?”
“No, Ilirium. The monks must leave on their own free will.’
“But why? My brother’s slaying will be avenged if both of them die.”
“Using the power for a murderous deed could unleash dark forces that will never recede. No, to the monastery he will go as friend not foe.”
“But surely Borium and Truman will know.”
“His arrival will be a surprise. But that he is on a mission, they are none the wise. This part of his journey he did merely intend to spend some time with a very good friend. It will be a surprise for him too when he sees the other two.
“You are forgetting that Blaine is a man who doesn’t know restrain. How do you propose to filter that to his brain?”
“By making him forget about his quest. Temporarily until we can safely contest.”
“But what about the others who be in search of Blaine?” asked Jess. “The man, the bawd and the one called Paine.”
“Both the women are under a spell and so far everything is going quite well. Their intense attraction may be enough to cause a distraction, but if it doesn’t progress through coercion, I may need a diversion.”

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