Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 70) by Grant Harbison

Blaine screamed loudly when he eventually came to. “What the hell are you?”
“Take a guess,” answered Bess.
“Less o’ yer mockery, I have perfectly good eyes. What are you in a horse’s disguise?”
“Jist because ah’ve got somethin’ tae say disnae mean that there’s demons at play. But if ye prefer, ah’ll simply jist neigh.”
Blaine clasped his hands and began to pray. “Lord, I beseech ye, take this demon away. Or at least keep the abomination at bay.”
“Och, dinnae be silly. Ah’m nothin’ more than a gorgeous wee filly.”
“I’ve warned ye not to mock. I know fine well that horses don’t talk.”
“Look Blaine, this is no some kind o’ spoof. Ah think we might have got off on the wrong foot. Or in ma case, hoof.”
Blaine laughed so hard that he fell to the floor
Rolled on the ground and continued to roar
“Ah’m glad ye thought that wis funny. ah thought it wis daft,” said Bess and also laughed. “Noo, get tae yer feet. It’s time we had somethin’ tae drink an’ somethin’ tae eat.” 
Blaine finally managed to achieve some calm
Got up and stroked the horse’s head with his palm
“I’m sorry I doubted you, Bess,” he said. “But ye did cause me a wee bit o’ distress.”
“Ah can quite understand yer shock. Many don’t get a chance tae hear a horse talk.”  
After their thirst was quenched
And their hunger satisfied
Blaine climbed on Bess and they continued to ride
“I’ve been told that words are spoken from certain bird’s beaks, but no one has ever mentioned a horse that speaks,” said Blaine. “When did it start and how did ye master the art?”
“Ah cannae be sure. When ah wis young ah used tae listen tae Allure. An’ this might sound absurd, but late at night in the stable, ah used tae practice every word.”
“Surely ye jest.”
“Naw, it’s amazin’ what ye can achieve when ye have that zest.”
“I’m impressed.”
“Blaine, ah’m gonnae go north for a wee bit an’ then turn west. Darkness will soon be upon us an’ we’ll need a bit o’ rest.”
“No problem, Bess. I’m sure you know best.”    

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