Thursday, 7 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 67) by Grant Harbison

“I think that something be coming through!” cried Jess excitedly as her crystal ball turned bright blue.
“I’m so happy for you,” said Ilirium sullenly. “What good can it do?”
“Damn and blast!” yelled Jess. “Balls of today weren’t made to last!”
“Goodness me, Jess!” Beryl cried. “What has got you so harassed?”
“I don’t be getting future. It’s only giving past.”
“But how can that be? What do you see?”
“In the land o’ the Norse I be seeing the wayward monks. Beryl, come here and see these Viking hunks.”
Beryl went to look at the ball. “Jess, ah dinnae see anythin’ at all.”
“Stupid ball has decided to stall.”
The image came back and they gasped in surprise
“Beryl, look at the Viking’s size! A whopper like that could win a prize!”
“Aye, nae wonder the wee monk has got tears in his eyes!”
Ilirium jumped up in exasperation. “Are you two eying fornication?”
“Yes!” replied Jess and they giggled with elation.
“You are supposed to be helping my situation!”
“Ain’t nothin’ I can do about that right now, little one. “Let Beryl and I just have a little fun.”
“I’d get rid of that ball if I were you,” said Shear when she came through. “It’s about to expire and that’s what they do. Seek to titillate and bring nothing new. It’s what is known as crystal blues. Please put it away for now, Jess. I have some news.”
“What do you want to be sayin’, dear? Did the voice speak? What did ye hear?”
“The plant that is used for their potion is not of this globe. My guide did deftly probe.”
“Globe?” queried Ilirium. “I’m confused. Surely that’s the wrong word that you’ve used.”
“No. By globe, I do mean world. That’s what my guide relayed to me and what she has unfurled.”
“How can you listen to that?” exclaimed Ilirium. “Everyone knows the world is flat!”
“No, not at all. All of us live in a great big ball.”
“If that was the case we’d slip and fall.”
“It disnae matter whether it’s flat or sphere,” said Beryl. “The question is how did the plant get here?”
“On silver ships that can fly, came other beings from the sky. They were devoid of compassion and extremely sour, and their presence alone made everyone cower. But it was the plant that they brought that gave them power. It has yellow leaves and a little black flower. Its size is about a human foot in length, and when the leaves are consumed, one acquires great strength. The flower doesn’t go to waste, and when mixed in water, it forms a thick paste. When one holds it in their hand, one is in total command. And if one can withstand the smell, consumption of this will make or break any spell.”
“That is totally absurd,” said Ilirium. “I don’t believe a word.”
“Well, believe it or not,” said Shear. “I was told where to find and now I’ve got.”
“Little one, one thing you have to know about Shear is that she’d never lie,” said Jess. “So, Miss de Lite, shall we be givin’ it a try?”  

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