Monday, 4 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 65) by Grant Harbison

“You’re insane if you think I’m going to turn around again,” said Arthur Haynes. “Not even for a special treat from you, Miss Paine.”
“But I have to know if it’s Blaine!” wailed Paine.
“Mistress Paine, it cannot be Blaine,” said Maude. “To the hag in the woods it would have been shown. Trust me, if anything was going to happen to Blaine, she would have known.”
“I agree with Maude,” said Claude. “Have no fear, my dear. The old hag is renowned for being the perfect seer.”
“Yes, I know of her reputation. I apologise, Arthur’s words gave rise to my consternation.”
“So what’s it to be?” asked Arthur. “Are you going your own way or coming with me?”
“Sir, we will remain on the cart,” replied Claude. “You may depart.”
“Ah, but we’ve delayed, and it’s been a while since I’ve been flayed. Don’t you think?” he said as he turned to Paine and gave her a wink.
Paine screamed in frustration. “I’ll give you flagellation! Now get stripped and be prepared to be severely whipped!”
Arthur did his part
Took off his robe and put his hands against the cart
The ferocity in Paine began to abound
And she whipped him continuously until he fell to the ground
“No!” he cried. “Please, no more!”
But Paine just smiled and chose to ignore
Along the ground he crawled. “Stop, I beg you!” he bawled.
“You’re the one who likes it rough!” yelled Paine. “I’ll decide when you’ve had enough!”
Arthur began to wheeze and put his hands to his heart
“Paine, stop!” cried Maude as she and Claude jumped off the cart.
Paine stopped and stared at Haynes with ice cold eyes
Devoid of compassion as he struggled to rise
He got to his feet and then fell on his head
Maude looked on with utter dread
While Claude ran to where he bled
“Too late,” he said. “This man is dead.” 

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