Thursday, 21 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 73) by Grant Harbison

Claude cursed as it started to rain
And the fact that he had to take the rein
In the cart Maude and Paine slept tight
Both had been silent since early light
And he sensed that something wasn’t right
With day turning to night
He stopped the horse and cart for some needed respite
Immediately he woke up Maude and Paine
“Ladies, I need some sleep,” he told them. “My eyes are taking strain. We’ll start out early morning again.”
“Rest well, Claude,” said Maude.
Claude crawled underneath the cover in the cart and instantly snored
Maude stared at Paine. “What happened last night cannot be ignored.”
“Maude, what do you want me to say?”
“Say that we can be together again. Say that you will with me lay.”
“Nay, my love is for Blaine and I will not be led astray.”
“And I’d say that you are a liar. I know you feel the same desire.”
“No, it isn’t so.”
Maude moved closer and saw Paine glow. “Yes, and you very well know.”
Maude’s lips met Paine’s and they tenderly kissed
Yielding to a yearn that they couldn’t resist
Writhing with an insatiable yen
Together they made love again and again
In the midst of their orgasmic throes
Claude heard their cries and immediately arose
Instantly he felt his anger brewing. “Maude!” he yelled. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”
Maude and Paine instantly separated
Knowing that they were about to be berated
“You tell me you love me and now you cheat?” he cried “Why the deceit? With a woman I cannot compete.”
“I still love you, Claude,” replied Maude. “But Paine makes me complete.”

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