Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Oh, brother (part 69) by Grant Harbison

“Oh Miss Paine, what have you done?” moaned Maude. “It was only supposed to be a little bit of fun.”
“Because he was an irritating sod, Madame Maude. I’m sorry that he’s dead, but he fillied me with ire. I’ve never known anyone with such an insatiable desire.”
“There’s something in the cart I can use to dig a hole,” said Claude. “At least I can bury the poor soul.”
“Why not leave him above the ground?” suggested Paine. “I’m sure he’ll be a feast for a hungry hound.”
“Miss Paine, I know that you are in a hurry to reach Blaine, but what you are suggesting is quite inhumane,” said Maude. “Not only that, but utterly insane. If we were suspected, how would we explain?”
“Maude is right,” said Claude. “I’ll bury him tonight and we’ll leave at first light.”
So Claude buried Arthur and they went down for the night
All wrapped up on the cold wintry night
Maude to the left of Claude and Paine to the right
Maude reached out and gently rubbed Claude’s thighs
Moved a little higher and he began to rise
Paine lay still and listened to their sighs
And then turned to look when she heard Maude’s cries
Maude caught her eye and she expected to be berated
But what happened next was not what she anticipated
As soon as the couple had copulated
Maude tried again to get him inflated
But Claude just sighed and told her he was sated
Leaving poor Maude feeling highly frustrated
Leaving her to vociferously complain
With the certainty that he wouldn’t rise again
She moved away and moved beside Paine
What started as a solitary kiss
Turned to passionate carnal bliss
And so they carried on
Until weariness took over just before dawn
When night became day
Claude took the reins and they were on their way
Maude and Paine knew it would be a very long day
As none of them knew what to say
While wrapped under covers in the cart they lay

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