Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 62) by Grant Harbison

Blaine was on his way once again
And the throb in his head was driving him insane
“Oh Lord, see me through,” he mumbled to himself. “And never more will I partake in the Devil’s brew. Please lead me to river and I promise to refrain forever. I don’t know what is worst, the hammer in my head or my incredible thirst.”
For miles he trundled and began to run out of steam  
With no river in sight or even a stream
But just as the day dawned
He stumbled upon a large pond
Removing his robe first
He then ran to the water to slake his thirst
His thirst was extreme
But he was immediately interrupted by a woman’s scream
He turned and saw that she was as naked as he
“Maiden, please hush!” cried Blaine and felt himself blush. “It’s not what ye think. I just came for a wash and a drink!”
“Then avert yer eyes, for already yer man thing is startin’ tae rise.”
Blaine closed his eyes. “Young maiden, I do apologise.”
“Then stay where ye are until ah get dressed, an’ ah might believe that ye’re not a peepin’ pest.”
“Yer fine figure would make any man weak, but I sincerely promise not to peek.”
“Right, ye can open yer eyes,” she told him after a while. “Ye certainly gave me a surprise.”
“May I get dressed too?”
“Aye, please do!”
Blaine donned his robe and walked to where she sat on the grass. “My name is Blaine, and who might you be, lass?”
“Ma name is Allure, an’ ah’m sorry if ah thought that yer intentions were impure.”
“That’s okay, lass. Nowadays ye can never be sure.”
“So what are ye daein’ aw the way up here? Yer brogue is Irish fae what ah hear.”
“Aye, we do have different brogues. I’m on my way to grab a couple of rogues, so that I can save my love from execution. Bringin’ them to justice is the only solution.”
“Och, that’s so romantic.”
“Aye, but it hasn’t gone well so far and I’m gettin’ a wee bit frantic.”
“Then let me see what ah can dae. Love is precious an’ ye cannae let it slip away.”  

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