Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 54) by Grant Harbison

Maude, Claude and Paine got off to the perfect start
When they met a man with a horse and cart
“Pardon me, sir, are you going our way?” asked Claude. “We are heading north and willing to pay.”
“That’ll depend on how much you’ve got,” replied the man. “I’m on my way to the land of the Scot.”
“Sir, that is where we are heading too. Would twenty groats do for you?”  
“I’d never take more than I need. Part for my kindness and the horse’s feed. But I do have inkling. One of the wenches, I be thinking.”
“Well, kind sir, we will be thanking,” said Mistress Paine. “I could offer you some mighty fine spanking.”
“Could you, indeed? It’s been many years since I’ve had that need.”
“No one does it better than me. The most pleasurable pain; you will see.”
“Well in that case, let’s start. I need some assurance before we depart.”
Miss Paine smiled and produced her whip. “Lift your robe, far above your hip. I’m in command, don’t give me lip. Now tell me when you are ready, say it to me.”
“Ready as I will ever be. Oh, sweet maiden, give it to me!”
Paine let rip and the man bucked and screamed
Paine sighed with pleasure and Claude and Maude beamed
“I be thinking that you are all on the run?” asked the man when all was done.
“Yes, just take us where we want,” replied Maude. “I will make certain that you continue to have fun.”
“I will most certainly do. I have a feeling that she was trained by you.”
“Beautiful and well equipped,” Maude responded. “Many returns from those she has whipped.”
“Much excitement and a perfect show. Hop on the cart, it’s time we should go.”
The slowness of the journey drove Paine insane
For all she could think of was Brother Blaine  

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