Sunday, 27 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 60) by Grant Harbison


“Gaul, from these chains I demand release,” said Erik to Meric. “Do that and won’t rip you apart piece by piece.”
“Viking, I have the key and I wouldn’t talk like to me. If you are going to be rude, I might have to cut off your manhood.”
Erik looked at his crazed eyes. “Okay, I apologise.”
Meric laughed loud. “For I was planning to save that till last.”
Erik stared at him aghast
“Yes, Viking filth, you are going to die. And do you want to know why?”
“No, your hatred I don’t get. As far as I know we have never met.”
“You may not remember, but I remember you. Oh, the pain and humiliation you put me through.”
“What exactly have I done?”
“You and the others thought it was fun.”
“Gaul, will you please explain. These shackles are very tight and I’m in terrible pain.”
“My pain was insane and since then I haven’t been with a woman again. Oh, so loud I protested, but I was ignored by you and the others as you brutally molested.”
“In the name of Thor!” cried Erik. “Things like this happen in war.”
“And I’ve never been at peace. I’ll start off slowly and then the pain will increase.”
“Let me try to make amends, my friend.”
“You didn’t offer friendship when you forced me to bend.”
“Things were crazy, not all my fault!”
“That’s no excuse for my brutal assault.”
“Please, let’s have some accord. If you let me go, I won’t use my sword.”
Meric began to giggle. “Oh Viking filth, see how you wiggle. No more time for chit chat, I have to make a start. But where to begin, which part?” 

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