Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 52) by Grant Harbison

Tired, hungry and sore
Brother Blaine cursed as the rain started to pour
It wasn’t long till he was soaked right through
Causing despair to promptly ensue
But then suddenly a settlement came into view
Instantly his curiosity began to accrue
Its enormity was one that he’d never seen before
And immediately he wondered what danger could be in store 
Hunger pains caused him to frown
And he knew he had to make his way down
But his hopes began to subside
When he saw that the town was fortified
Entrance was through a large iron gate
Where he was met by a guard and instructed to wait
“Tae come through here ye have tae pay,” he said to Blaine. “What is yer reason for comin’ tae Glasgae?”
“Sir, I’m very hungry and extremely beat. I need a place to rest and somethin’ to eat.”
“Three an’ a half groats is the admission fee. So gie it tae me or ye better bloody flee.”
Blaine reluctantly gave him the cash
He saw no need to complain to someone so brash    
The guard opened the gate and let him in
And he was amazed to see the hustle and bustle within
Never before had he heard such a din
But he had no time to waste and went in search of an inn
He looked around and saw there were four
Opted for the first one and went through the door
Conversations stopped and the patrons stared
Tentatively he walked to the bar feeling very scared
“An’ what can ah dae for you?” asked the barman. “Somethin’ tae drink or somethin’ tae chew?”
“A pail o’ special brew and whatever ye recommend from your menu.”
“Boiled neep and rodent stew.”
Hunger insisted and he couldn’t eschew. “Aye, that’ll do.”

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