Friday, 18 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 55) by Grant Harbison

Erik rambled with absolute ease
Hiking was second nature to the Viking
And gale force winds were merely a breeze
Mile after mile he wore a smile
When he thought about Borium and that special day
When first they’d met and he’d carried him away
Every now and then he’d sing out loud
About the man he was and how much he was proud
“Good day,” he heard a man say as he reached the top of a brae. “At least someone is gay on this wet and wintry day.”
“My heart brims with sweet elation,” responded Erik. "For once again there will be reunification with the most beautiful creature in all creation.”
“Forgive me if I’ve misconstrued, as I would not want aggravation; but I gather that we might be of the same persuasion.”
“Your attire and manner seem somewhat effete; but the same desires, I would bet.”
“Yes, you are precise; and for a reasonable price, I could offer you some sugar and spice.”
“You have gall, impudent Gaul. I desire only one or none at all.”
“It is said of the Norse that many are hung like a horse. I expect that is true, judging by the size of you.”
Erik grabbed him by the throat
“Please don’t hurt me!” he cried. “It’s what I do to make a groat.”
Erik was suddenly consumed with shame
And not just because they were both the same
It was a way to make a living and he had no right to blame
Erik let him go and asked his name
“My name is Meric.”
“Pleased to meet you, I am Erik.”
“Erik, very soon day will become night, and I do not wish to make you uptight, but I can offer a place to sleep and some needed respite.”
“Okay, young Gaul. Show the way. I suppose I can wait another day.”
Erik awoke in the morning with a pain in his head
But his cause for alarm was being chained to a bed 

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