Friday, 18 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 56) by Grant Harbison

“It shouldnae take too long for the boats tae land,” said Deplorium to Truman and Borium as he lit some fires on the strand. “Let me dae the negotiatin’, understand? Sometimes the right price is no easy tae command.”
“What happens if you don’t get the right price?” asked Borium. “A good few groats is all well and nice; but if my life is at stake, I care not to dice.”
“Yes, how can you guarantee that we won’t be harmed?” asked Truman. “We will definitely be outnumbered and we’re totally unarmed.”
“Ye’re a right pair o’ fearty cats,” sighed Deplorium. “It’s only wi’ each other that there’s sometimes spats. Most o’ the time they jist come for what they need, but ye do get those that are bent oan greed. I have ma regulars an’ the occasional scum, but ah only trade for a decent sum.”
“Get ready to earn some groats,” said Borium. “I think I’ve spotted a number of boats. Looks like eight, maybe nine.”
Deplorium looked to the sea. “Ah can only see three. Yer eyesight must be better than mine.”
“Perhaps we should kill the fires,” suggested Truman. “The light has been seen by your buyers.”
“We’ll have tae wait till they’re closer tae the beach,” responded Deplorium. “It’s an agreement we have an’ ah will not breach.”
Just as the boats arrived at the shore
They heard the sound of horses and a huge uproar
“It’s the laird an’ his men, we have tae leave now!” yelled Deplorium. “Pack whatever yer sacks will allow!”
“But there are too many men!” cried Borium. “We’ll never get away!’
“Jist listen tae me an’ ah’ll show ye the way!”
“Borium, just listen to Deplorium,” said Truman. “Let’s hear what he has to say.”
“A wee bit further up there’s a cavern. If we go through an’ up we’ll get tae Hamish’s tavern. Dinnae worry, we’ll aw be fine. Hamish is a good friend o’ mine. Noo hurry up, ya wee Sassenachs. Hell hath no fury like Laird MacBlach’s.”     

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