Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 58) by Grant Harbison

Jess and Ilirium awoke and saw that Beryl was up and dressed
“Good mornin’, little one an’ Jess,” she greeted. “Ah hope the pair o’ ye had a good rest.”
“Yes, dear Beryl,” said Jess. “Be ye blessed. Ye mentioned last night that ye be expecting a guest. I see nothing in my ball, it’s really a pest.”
“Aw ah ken is human. It could be a man or could be a woman. A strange sight, but ah cannae tell the gender, try as ah might.”
“Like a hermaphrodite?” 
“Aye, ye could be right.”
“That must be Shear de Lite,” said Ilirium. “She must have found a way of escaping and taken flight.”
“Well, she’ll be here sometime this mornin’,” said Beryl. “It looks like she’s comin’ wi’ a message o’ warnin’.”
“I wonder what that might be,” said Jess. “It be amazing some of what she can see.”
“Perhaps it might be aboot why ye’ve came tae me.”
Jess clapped her hands with glee. “What great fortune this be. They won’t stand a chance against us three.”
“But if yer foe disnae ken if it’s a he or a she, then we have the power of four, no three,” stated Beryl. “Would ye agree?”
“Oh yes,” responded Jess. “Any counter attack could be such a mess.”
“I pray that she has inkling,” said Ilirium. “Our greatest weapon would be to know what potion they are drinking.”
“Well, ye wullnae have tae wait much more,” said Beryl. “Oor guest is jist aboot tae knock oan the door.”
A few seconds later they heard a rap
“Open the door, little one,” Jess told Ilirium. “Be a good chap.”
“Oh, Shear!” cried Jess as she came through the door. “I’ve been so very worried about ye, my dear!”
Shear ran to Jess and they hugged and kissed. “Jess, your presence I’ve sorely missed. I’ve come to warn you of great peril.”
“Relax, my dear, let me introduce ye to Beryl.”

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