Saturday, 12 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 53) by Grant Harbison

Jess knocked on the door of Beryl’s abode
“I hope she’s home, little one,” she said to Ilirium. “It’s been an arduous road.”
“Come in, Jess. Don’t stand there waitin’,” cried Beryl from inside. “Yer presence ah’ve been long anticipatin’.”
Jess opened the door and they both went in
And were met by a woman who was alarmingly thin
“It be lovely to see you again,” said Jess as they both embraced. “I should’ve have guessed that my journey was one ye would’ve have traced.”
“Ma visions sometimes have their use. What a fine lookin’ young man ye have with ye. Would ye like tae introduce?”
“This here be Ilirium, my little one. He be in search of two rogues who are on the run.”
“Well, for a monk, he’s certainly no chaste. Ah have tae commend ye, Jess, ah like yer taste. It’s been a while since ah’ve had a man in ma bed. Perhaps tonight wi’ me he could lay his head.”
Ilirium looked at her with utter dread
“I don’t be minding if he goes to yer bunk. Ye won’t be disappointed, he’s full of spunk.”
“But first ah’d like tae have a look at the tackle.”
“Show her, little one,” said Jess and began to cackle.
Ilirium’s face turned a bright shade of red
“Don’t take any notice of what’s been said,” said Beryl. “Jess an’ me are jist playin’ wi’ yer head. Sit yersel’s down an’ rest yer feet, an’ ah’ll go and fetch ye somethin’ tae eat.”
Beryl brought them black bread, cabbage and eel
And with ferocious hunger they remained still through the meal
“Noo tell me Jess an’ little one,” said Beryl after they were done. “How can ah be of assistance tae procure them oan the run?”
“There be a monastery in the far northwest,” replied Jess. “There be another that can my spells contest.”
“That could prove tae be a taxin’ test, but tonight ah suggest we all get good rest. Tomorrow we will have another guest.” 

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