Thursday, 3 December 2015

Oh, brother (part 50) by Grant Harbison

The impending trek brought out much ardour in Erik
But first he had to say goodbye to Elise and Derek
He made his way to the Badger and Boar
Then walked up the stairs to the second floor
And sighed when he saw the queue outside their door
“Get to the back of the queue if you want to see the whore,” said the man at the front. “I’m going in next and there’s still another score.”
Erik’s response caused a huge furore
When the force of his punch sent the man to the floor
Erik knocked hard on the door
Inside the room Elise yelled for more
The door was opened by Derek
Who was somewhat surprised to see his brother Erik
“Erik, what on earth brings you here?”
 “Just came to say goodbye before I disappear.”
“In search of the monk, I presume,” said Derek as Elise’s cries of pleasure ceased in the room.
“Yes, I can’t get the little one out of my mind. Up north he has gone, but he shouldn’t be too hard to find.”
“Sound like Elise is done, Erik. Come inside.”
“Why do you allow this, brother? Have you no pride?”
“I know it’s hard to understand, but I really enjoy adhering to her demand.”
“Derek, what is Erik doing here?” asked Elise. “I thought that he was…”
“He’s here to say goodbye, my dear.”
“Yes, Elise,” said Erik. “Without Borium I cannot have peace.”
“Erik, junk that silly monk. Travel with us and I’ll find you a hunk. Give it thought at least, for soon we will be heading east for warmer climates and a carnal feast.”
“I’m afraid that life would not be to my taste. Now I must make haste for there is little time to waste.”
Erik hugged them both and wished them the best
And then hurriedly left the room to begin his quest

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