Monday, 1 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 78) by Grant Harbison

“This is madness, Borium. We both know that the man is unstable,” whispered Truman as they followed Blaine to the stable.
“Truman, do you really think I’d risk my life? As a precautionary measure I’ve brought a knife.”
“Stop yer chatterin’ and get a move on, you pair. Ye’ll be amazed when ye hear this articulate mare.”
“If you would just slow your pace, Brother Blaine!” moaned Borium. “This is not a race! Truman, don’t you worry, I’ll watch your back. I have the knife ready in case of attack.”
“Okay Blaine, time to let us in on the joke,” said Truman when they arrived at the stable and saw him giving the horse a stroke.
“I swear it’s true. Just give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you.”
“Not that we really care,” said Borium. “Do what you have to do and let’s hear the mare.”
“Bess, say hello to Borium and Truman. Let them hear you talk like a human.”
Bess said nothing and simply stared
“What’s wrong, Blaine?” asked Borium. “Don’t tell me that she is scared.”
“I said it was a joke,” said Truman. “Blaine, next time you’ll have to be better prepared.”
“Perhaps if she had wings and a beak,” chuckled Borium. “Maybe then she’d be able to speak.”
“Monk, you’re gettin’ oan ma wick,” said Bess. If ye don’t stop yer cheek ah’ll knock ye down wi’ a hefty kick.”
“Do ye believe me now?” Blaine interjected. “I told ye it wasn’t a trick.”
Borium and Truman trembled with fear
“Keep her away!” yelled Borium. “Don’t let her near.”
“Don’t be afraid,” said Blaine. “She’s really a dear.”
“Aye, as long as ye show me respect,” said Bess. “Dae ye hear?”
“Yes,” replied Borium. “Loud and clear.”
“Good. Ah dinnae like it when people are rude. Noo come here, the pair o’ ye an’ apologise.”
The two of them walked over and stared at her eyes
“Ah’ll say this once and never again,” she said. “Fae now on ye only listen tae  Blaine. Dae ye understand?”
“Yes,” replied Borium. “He is in command.”
“Yes, replied Truman. “Whatever he asks of me, I shall obey.”
“That’s what ah want tae hear ye say. Now, go back tae Blaine an’ go away. It’s time for me tae feast oan hay.”  

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