Thursday, 11 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 83) by Grant Harbison

Maude heard the horse whinny in the middle of the night
Not his usual nicker
But one of extreme fright
Wrapped in a blanket and with Paine holding tight
She went back to sleep and ignored his plight
She awoke in the early morn with a start
 “Paine!” she yelled and placed her hands on her heart. “Someone has taken the horse. All we are left with is the cart!”
“But how can that be?” responded Paine. “I never heard a thing, nor did I see.”
“I heard the horse neigh like it was distressed, but I fell asleep again as I needed the rest.”
“It looks like we’ll have to go further on foot,” sighed Paine. “I just hope we can find an easier route.”
They grabbed their belongings and started on their way
And strode with perseverance for most of the day
Not long after day became night
They stumbled upon a peculiar sight
In front of them stood a mansion made of stone
With a knocker on the front door that looked like human bone
“Paine, I don’t like what I see,” said Maude. “I think it would be best if we turn and flee.”
“I agree that it does look rather creepy, but I need somewhere to lay my head. I’m terrible sleepy.”
Before they could utter anything more
They heard a creak and stared at the open door
Both staggered backwards and screamed with fright
When they came face to face with a man eight feet in height
“What do you want at this time of night?” he snarled. “This is the property of Countess Sweet Lilly White.”
“Who is it, Clyde?” someone with a high pitched voice yelled from inside. “Do we have guests?”
“No, Countess,” replied the man at the door. “It’s just a couple of pests.”
“Clyde, don’t be such a bore. Give me a moment and I’ll come to the door.”
Maude and Paine gasped when they eyed the flamboyant creature
Who wore a glitzy blue dress fit for a princess but had a face slightly manly in feature
“Good evening, Countess,” greeted Paine. “I must say that I simply love your dress.”
“Yes, just one of the many I wear to impress. It’s all the mania in Transylvania. Come inside, it’s cold outside. Some food and some beds will be arranged by Clyde.”
“There’s something a little odd about Countess White,” said Paine as she and Maude lay in bed that night.
“Yes,” Maude concurred. “Methinks that Sweet Lilly White is a sweet transvestite.”    

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