Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 85) by Grant Harbison

Deplorium stood before the tunnel that led to the manor house
He took a few deep breaths and wiped the sweat from his brows
“It’s freezin’ cold yet ah perspire,” he said to Blaine. “Anxiety is makin’ me feel like ah’m on fire.”
“That’s to be expected,” said Blaine. “But don’t let nerves be the cause o’ ye bein’ detected.”
“Aye, right enough. Well, It’s time for me tae dae ma stuff.”
“Indeed. Go get yer fortune and Godspeed.”
“Thanks, Blaine. Wi’ a wee bit o’ luck it’ll no be long ‘til ah’m back again.”
“Aye, o’ that I’m sure. Pretty soon ye’ll no longer be poor.”
“Ye’re a really good soul. Ah’ll be needin’ yer help tae get the treasure oot o’ the hole.”
“I’ll be waitin’ and anticipatin’.”
As soon as Deplorium went underground
Blaine had a quick look around
His eyes caught sight of a very large boulder
And it took all his strength to lift it onto his shoulder
He dropped it into the entrance of the miniscule pit
Uncannily the rock was the perfect fit
He smiled in satisfaction as he knew without a doubt
There’d be no chance of Deplorium getting back out
Deplorium crawled through the tunnel until he reached the cellar’s trapdoor
But when he pushed it open there was a mighty uproar
When he saw that it was Laird MacBlach’s men
He scrambled back through the tunnel again
Fear turned to alarming shock
When he saw that the entrance was blocked by a rock
“Blaine, why did ye betray?” he cried in bitter dismay.
From the other end of the tunnel he heard MacBlach’s voice
And realised that all he had now was the Devil’s choice  

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