Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 81) by Grant Harbison

Blaine was up at the crack of dawn
And scrubbed himself thoroughly before putting a new robe on
With a feeling of devil may care
He stepped outside into brisk morning air
And made his way to the stable to see the mare
“Top o’ the mornin’ to ye, Bess?” he greeted when he arrived at the stable. “It’s a nice mornin’ for a stroll if ye’re willin’ and able.”
“Away you an’ scoot!” moaned Bess. “It’s too bloody early an’ the sun isnae oot!”
“Oh, don’t be in such a grumpy mood. Come on, it’ll do ye good.”
“Monk, are you oot o’ yer mind. Mention a walk again an’ ah’ll kick yer behind.”
Blaine looked at Bess with dismay. “I thought it would be a great way to start the day.”
“Blaine, is your hearin’ impaired? I sincerely hope not, because ah’ve got somethin’ oan ma mind that needs tae be shared. It concerns you, the other three an’ the laird.”
“Sweet Bess, cast away yer fears. Whatever ye wish to tell me, I’m all ears.”
Blaine listened carefully as she began to explain
For a moment it felt like something was piercing his brain
But the feeling quickly passed and he listened once again
“Right, it’s time ye were oan yer way,” said Bess when she’d finished what she had to say.
“I shall see to yer demand  without delay.”
“That’s a good boy. Noo go away!”
Back at the monastery he met with Deplorium
Truman was still asleep
As was Borium
“Deplorium, rumour has it that ye’re a bit o’ a cad.”
“That may be so, Blaine, but ah’m no aw bad.”
“What would ye say if I told ye there’s treasure to be had?”
“Ah would say that ah’d want tae hear more. Talk of treasure ah find hard tae ignore.”
“I heard a wench talk o’ riches untold. But if one were to secure, then one would have to be bold.”
Deplorium gave him a dubious stare. “Where?”
“Where the laird o’ the manor sleeps there’s a secret door. Inside that room there are riches galore.”
“If that wis true, why would she tell you?”
“It was to another that she relayed. I just happened to hear what she said.”
“Not a word tae anyone, Blaine. Ah’ll ponder this tonight in bed.”

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