Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Oh, brother (part 88) by Grant Harbison

Blaine had a feeling of distress as he was about to mount Bess
“Blaine, what’s the delay?” asked the horse. “It’s time we were oan oor way.”
“Some thoughts are troublin’ me, my lovely mare.”
“Jist get oan, ah dinnae care!”
Borium and Truman stood at the horse’s side
Waiting patiently for Blain to ride
For a moment they sensed that something was wrong
But when the horse got going they broke into song
“No woe, no woe. It’s off to the stake we go. An innocent man we slayed one day and for that crime we have to pay. No woe, no woe, no woe, no woe!”
“Och, they sound so happy,” stated Bess. “Noo, cheer up, Blaine. There’s a good chappie.”
“I sometimes feel sad when I think of Paine,” said Blaine.
“It’ll no be long until ye see her again, an’ she’ll throw her arms aroon’ her bonnie swain.”
“But what if she’s dead?”
“Blaine, remove that silly thought fae yer head. These two are the ones that’ll soon be dead. An’ as soon as that happens, she’ll be free tae wed.”
“Thanks, Bess. I feel much better.”
“Ah’ll be wi’ ye until ye finally get her.”
Her words gave Blaine some piece of mind
And he was lost in thought until the weather became unkind
That’s when Borium and Truman pitifully whined
Blaine turned to see that they were lagging behind
“Bess, it’s seems like those two have lost their zest. I think it’s time we took a rest. I hope ye don’t mind?”
“Actually, ah do. So ye better speak tae the other two. If they’re as lackadaisical tomorrow, there’ll be tears an’ sorrow. We’ll find a sheltered place tae spend the night, but be prepared tae leave at the first sign o’ light.”
Bess began to trot
And it wasn’t long before they found a suitable spot
When the other two arrived at the place
They were struggling for breath and red in the face
“At last!” cried Borium. “A place to rest!”
“Ye took yer time!” Blaine scolded them. “Bess is not impressed.”
“You try walking at such a pace,” complained Truman. “This is a journey, not a race.”
“Och, stop yer whingin’,” said Bess. “The sooner we get tae oor destination, the sooner ye’ll be singein’.”
“Borium and I can’t wait to be set alight, but something tells us that these thoughts are not right.”
“These thoughts ye must spurn. Ye’ll both feel better when it’s yer turn tae burn. Noo, have somethin’ tae eat an’ have a good rest. Tomorrow will be an even tougher test.”
“Thank you, Bess. Tomorrow Borium and I will do our best.”  

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